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Adjustable comfort queen raised air bed

Item Number: 2AB28002
Size: 200*152*48cm
Inflation Time: less than 3 minutes
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Detail Product Description

air bed is the closest you'll get to a traditional bed
Raised height adds comfort and cushion like your regular bed at home. This air bed comes standard with a built-in extra powerful air pump that provides for quick and easy inflation/deflation. Highlights
• This new structural design is engineered to prevent overnight PVC stretches and air leaks. The ultimate extra bed in minutes.
• Raised height adds cushion and comfort just like your regular bed
• Unique stability design grips floor and prevents bed from sliding
• Built-in AC operated pump
• Automatically inflates and deflates
• Flocked-top surface keeps bedding in place
• Convenient carry bag included
• Multiple Patents Design
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