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Kids Bed

Item Number: 40010 - Toddler
Size: 60" X 36"W X 8"H
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The portable and durable bed made just for kids! A good night's rest for your child means a good night's rest for you. Airtek for Kids is the portable bed perfectly designed for children ages 3 and up.
•The large 50" x 25" sleep surface with 4" surround safety cushion keeps children from rolling off the bed.
•Set up is quick and easy with a powerful hand-held pump that instantly inflates the bed in 60 seconds.
•Extra durable 18 gauge material is sturdy enough for the toughest kids.
•The bed and included cover are hypoallergenic and incredibly easy to clean.
•Deflating is a snap with our large "Giga" valve - the air comes out in 15 seconds.
•Airtek Bed for Kids provides easy portability and storage for busy families on the go with its own storage bag. 
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