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Music Lounger

Item Number: S2MCQ0001
Size: 36.5"*63"*40"(93*160*101cm)
carry bag,electric hands-free plug-in pump;repair kit
Product Net Weight/Gross Weight: 6.47kg/7.97kg
Individual Pack:
Container Quantity:
20'(840PCS) 40'(1740PCS)
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Detail Product Description

Naturally, sailing has its hazards. One such hazard is sinking. Should you find yourself knee deep in water, we recommend this: the Music Chiar. As you may have observed, the Music Chiar is inflatable. Thus, it will give you the buoyancy you need to float safely to shore. But it also has another desirable feature to make you time at sea more enjoyable: two speakers moulded into its lining which you can plug your i-Pod, TV, MP3 player, or CD player into - providing, that is, it didn't go down with the boat.As you'd expect, the Music Chiar is easy to inflate and deflate. And it does not need batteries or power cables.

The speakers take their power straight from the device to which they're connected.Of course, it's exceptionally agreeable on the eye too. A good looking craft which will serve to attract much attention - hopefully from passing ships and not from passing sharks. Please note: the Music Chiar can also be used as indoors and makes a perfect seat. 

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